Jewellery Care

Every piece of jewellery is made by hand, by me and therefore one of a kind. Due to the handcrafted aspect each and every piece can vary slightly which reflects its unique wearer. The purchaser is responsible for the care of their jewellery and below are some helpful tips on caring for your precious treasure.


Our pieces that contain stones are hand set by Rachel or a expert stone setter in Hatton Garden. It is advisable to check your jewellery every so often to ensure stones are secure as wear and sometimes allow the metal to move depending on the item. If you do notice any loose stones do get in touch or contact your local jeweller. Some of the stones we use are one of a kind and so replacements may vary from the original.

Surface Finish

We prefer our jewellery to have a matt or satin finish and with these finishes they will polish slightly but still retain a scratch effect. They can be easily be re-matted by us, just get in touch.

General Jewellery Care

Remove jewellery before engaging in practical/physical activities such as swimming, climbing or the gym. This will ensure your jewellery does not get accidentally damaged.

Beauty products can react with metal causing tarnish or discolouration. Put your jewellery on last as perfuse will cause tarnish and creams can become trapped underneath stones.

Silver jewellery should be kept in airtight containers or anti-tarnish jewellery boxes.

Most of out jewellery is suitable for cleaning with soap and warm water. Avoid polishing cloths with satin finishes as this will polish the surface removing the matt effect.