Wedding rings are one of our favourite pieces to make, they are made for its owner and imbued with meaning and thats why we seek to make rings that perfectly match their owners. From yellow to white gold, round to rectangular or matt to polished we can create your ideal rings! 

Here is just a guide as to some of the options from the metals available, ring profiles, shapes and finishes. If you don't find what your looking for in out online shop then do contact Rachel to discuss ideas further. 

Rose Gold 9ct Wedding Ring .jpg


Warm rose gold is comprised of fine gold, copper and a tiny drop of silver giving its a rosy hue.

18ct White Gold Flat Band.jpg


Cool white gold can be made in 9ct which is whiter in colour or 18ct for a more grey tone. 

2mm Riund 9ct Yellow Gold Wedder.jpg


Classic yellow gold can be made in numerous carats but 9ct, 14ct and 18ct are the ones suited for rings. 

Oval Wedding Band 9ct White Gold Polished.JPG


This extremlely rare metal has warm grey tone and is a hard wearing metal making it perfect with diamonds. 

9ct White Gold Wedding Ring .jpg


Clean and crisp, the square profile gives a contemporary feel to your wedding ring and is perfect for stacking with other rings.

18ct White Men's Ring.jpg


The comfort fit is exactly that, comfy. Oval in profile you get a wide ring with gentle curves that sits closely to the finger. 

Silver Scratch Finish Ring.jpg


Popular with men the rectangular profile ring gives you a wide band but sits closely to the finger and has a contemporary feel. 

Kerry & Dave's Rings Edited.jpg


The D shaped profile has two options, curve on the outside or inverted with the curve on the inside, either way this profile is comfortable. 



The scollop ring is one developed by Rachel, slim, delicate and soft it works well next to other rings. Diamonds can be added adding a sparkle. 

Shaped Wedding Rings 9ct White Gold .jpg


We can work with your existing engaement ring to create a shaped wedding band to fit comfortably alongside it. 

Oval Wedding Band 9ct White Gold Polished.JPG


We like a matt or scratch finish on metal but we also do highly polished so if you like to sparkle this finish is the one for you! 

Wedder 9ct Yellow G.jpg


A satin finish is subtle and is perfect for those who do not want a bright polished ring, you really see the beauty of the metal. 

18ct WG Wedders.jpg


Our signature scratch finish gives the metal contemporary feel allowing the metals colour to show as it isn't reflecting its surroundings. 

Rose Gold 9ct Wedding Ring .jpg


This profile of ring is comfortable and easy to wear, perfect for sitting next to other rings you hardly notice your wearing it. 

Shaped Wedding Rings 9ct White Gold .jpg


A hammered texture add gentle faceting to the surface of the metal and can be highly polished or made matt. 


All of our rings are hallmarked with Rachel's makers mark, the metal type and the year date, so it can be traced back in years to come.